1977 Corvette

1977 Corvette fully restored, see it all for complete and documented restoration

The Little Red Corvette;

Can remember back in 54 when the first one appeared in my life and I made my mind up right then I would own one day. Years went buy and never could afford one until one day in my motorcycle shop from a friend that was stranded on I-20 or some interstate up that way North of me. After a few beers and some phone calling between points where he was and where I was to I knew acquaintances from biking around the country a lot of bikers between Washing State to Key West all points in between as well as others in their respected areas.

 He called all skied out and talking a mile a minute, seems he had just purchased a 1977 C-3 Corvette, did some work on it to be sure it was road worthy from a trip from PA to GA., got the lead foot itch on a long stretch of interstate and decided to see just what it had in it, at 150 it went airborne for a short while and the engine over-revved and shut down completely., but the way he explained it, it blew up.

Got him to the shop and I got finished telling him what it could cost he decided to make a deal with me and get his ass back to New Mexico, I gave him $1500. for the Vett and after he left decided to just rip if apart and put it back together with new stuff for myself and fulfill my dream of owning a 76/77 C3, the last of the flat back coupe.

New remanufactured 350 engine and Turbo transmission, new cooling system, 4 core radiator, new inside heat unit, all new black leather interior, AM/FM surround sound system, steering, suspension, brakes gone through, new custom paint Corvette Racing Red.

This vehicle was not restored to resell it was to be my personal vehicle, as am custom motorcycle builder and oversaw all work personally in my own shop with the same one mechanic, one helper start to finish, and myself just watching everything for 2+ years and investing $12,500 (twelve thousand five hundred) not counting the over two years labor getting it together.

Got it all done except wiring in the windshield wiper motor and attaching the emergency brake cable. Made he mistake of not checking the stands and down it came with my working underneath, already had back problems from a Harley dragster that took me into the rail, the Vette falling on me did the rest did the rest and wheel chaired me, ití is just two low for me to get in and out and the loss of my right eye has messed up my depth of vision and have given up my license. I did drive it 19/20 miles to test engine, tranny operation, tuning etc.

I personally assure you it has more power than it needs, the 350 was sent to a professional Engine builder, HP was upped a little engine as equipped with Mickey Thompson equipment, Eldelebrock Performer intake with 650 CFM matching Eldebeock carburetor designed for the engine size and performance. Was built for a family sports can not a super high performance model but will show you the 150 mark. As a mechanic knowing the gearing in the vehicle, weight to horsepower, will get good mileage on the road, after break-in 25/27+ mpg @65

My original price was $15,500.00 My bottom price now is to recouped my investment $12,500. The loving labor is free. If you bought a semi decent one now it would cost you more money to put it in the shape this one is in now. 

Terms of sale; $1,000.00 (one thousand) deposit, from this deposit I will have the windshield motor replaced and the break cable connected by a qualified Chevrolet mechanic, and the vehicle detailed as it has been setting in storage now for two years and dusty as hell. I start it every week but the fuel is old in it and will have to freshen it to get proper engine operation. I have never let a mechanic I didnít know well work in my shop and at 79 I still roll around them in my power chair checking chit out.

The Vehicle is locates in Waynesboeo GA, 709 Tucker Av, 30830 (706-554-5917) It has never been tagged or insured so will have to do that here or trailer it back home to register it there. Have all legal paperwork. ZIN NUMBER 1Z37L7S41691




 Engine and transmission removal in order to rebuild or replace anything in the engine compartment, steering, suspension and brakes. Check & re-run wiring and replace if necessary, old engine & transmission out, went to work on engine compartment and steering section replacing needed parts, heater radiator unit, seals and powers steering system.

Old engine and transmission out, both sent for total remanufacture by factory specs, not just a repair job. Had all seals in transmission replaced with heavy duty seals and all new interior parts. every part in engine block was replaced new. Engine balanced

 The engine was 100% totally rebuilt by professional engine builder and set up with Eldelbrock matched manifold with proper 650 CFM Eldebrock carburetor matched to it, had the transmission rebuilt with heavy duty seals. The engine is stronger than stock and balanced every moving part and bearing was replaced, "there it is boys, get it in so I can get it on the dyno"


Replaced intake and Holly with matched Eldelbrock manifold & 650 CFM carb. suggested by engine remanufacturer, has some special head work also but nothing drastic  done to engine was built to last and put out smooth horsepower.

The new engine and heavy duty transmission installed, and it's healthy, All I will tell you as to dyno tests, power to weight ratio, this lil red wagon should get around 24 mpg @ 70 mph. and go faster than you want to go, rear end all lined up, suspension checked  checked out and special limited slip lubricant after clutched checked put in. So now we attacked the interior that had rotted.

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